LOCUS is Geo Data Collaboration

LOCUS develops geographic data gathering tools for mobile and web platforms. Gather public feedback on proposed developments to public spaces. Leverage the crowd to take inventory of fixed infrastructure. Gather suggestions for improvements to public infrastructure.

LOCUS is Crowdsourcing

LOCUS creates custom geographic Crowdsourcing solutions that empower your community to provide the location based information you need. Recent applications including utilities for gathering community feedback for proposed bikeshare locations and getting suggestions from the community for such locations, gathering information on bikeparking in the community.

LOCUS is BikeShare Planning

Our bikeshare planning software is built to gather feedback on proposed bikeshare locations can now be implemented for your community. BikeShare Planning employs a common backend that allows for multiple communities to run their own bikeshare planning Crowdsourcing project.

LOCUS is Bike Parking

BikeParking is a mobile web application that crowdsources the inventorying of community bicycle racks. Users can report to the system the location of a bicycle rack using their GPS enabled smartphone and even submit a photo of the asset. Users can even report locations that need special attention and maintenance.